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In 2020, people spent more time in their homes than ever. The result? People are evaluating their home. As we project the top home design trends in 2021, it's likely many of the trends will reflect the necessities created by the pandemic, as we redefine our expectations for what our homes can provide. These expectations will result in projects designed to get new uses out of old rooms, and create clearer lines between areas of comfort and work.

2021 Design Trends 

 1. Home Offices Are the Priority in Modern Home Design Trends

The biggest changes that most people experienced in 2020 were as a result of increased demand to learn, work, and even exercise, at home. Almost overnight, employees were asked to stuff their desk into bags and find room to set up a workspace at home.  

Meanwhile, more students are learning from home, while workplaces are shifting into a semi-permanent work-from-home philosophy.  This shift requires homeowners to start creating more defined rooms to operate.

Converting spare bedrooms into offices resembling a typical workplace or school setting will be one of the strongest home remodeling trends in 2021.  Creating a separate home office with large picture windows to maximize natural light will be a continued trend. 

2. An Emphasis on Comfort and Quiet

For every employee that has been able to seamlessly transition into full-time remote work, there's a half-dozen dealing with at-home interruptions.  Don’t get us wrong.  We love our families.  But sometimes things can get a little... loud.

The switch to work-from-home life has many working parents in Kansas City reaching for answers. The resounding conclusion? Creating designated spaces that support comfort and quiet.

Some are dividing their open plan living spaces into smaller, cozy reading nooks, dens, and hobbyist areas, while others are creating new rooms entirely. However, these  projects are often too complex for a homeowner to manage on their own. Calling in a professional home remodeling team can help ease the burden.  While they’re there, have them check out the siding too.  Installing well-insulated siding between rooms can help dampen noise, while upgrading your window glass packages can also help reduce external noise levels.

3. Creating Extra Space with New Rooms

While many homeowners opt to redesign their existing spaces, others are adding new ones entirely. In 2021, homeowners will look to add as much space to their homes as possible.  After all, not every house has an open floor plan that can be easily divided. Much of the home renovation in Overland Park will entail:

  • Renovating garages
  • Enclosing porches
  • Adding sunrooms
  • Finishing basements

That way, these areas can become an at-home workplace or one of the comfortable and quiet spaces that us family-people need so desperately.

4. Repurposing Rooms for Intergenerational Living

Another trend that has emerged as a result of 2020 is a return to the intergenerational living spaces of yesteryear. Home remodelers are turning sunrooms into additional bedrooms, spending hours finishing attics, and dividing larger rooms in two to accommodate as many family members as possible.

The United States has been slowly creeping back toward this trend throughout the last decade, as young people lack the resources necessary to purchase homes of their own until they are in their late 20s. Furthermore, older family members that would prefer to stay away from nursing homes during the pandemic are opting to share homes with their families as well.

The sudden economic contraction of 2020 hastened this process, so it is no longer uncommon to see people from three generations living under the same roof. Fortunately, home renovation professionals can look at a home and help repurpose and customize until it’s right.


5. Home Remodeling in Kansas City Helps with Pantry and Cabinet Expansions

Most people were caught off-guard by the changes wrought by 2020. Specifically, few homeowners understood how quickly people desperate to secure goods in the face of the pandemic could strip shelves at a supermarket.

Moreover, many people found that they were woefully unprepared to be able to store non-perishable goods on their minimalistic shelves or within their small pantries. In 2021, look for that trend to change. For better or worse, the events of 2020 are going to stick in the minds of every homebuyer and owner for a generation. People need places to put their food, cleaning goods, and supplies as they continue to stock up in the face of an uncertain future.

Using a home renovation specialist can help unlock a homeowners imagination for storage within their home. New shelves, dedicated storage, cabinet expansions, and a larger pantry are just some of the developments that homes will see this year.

The changes in home remodeling trends in 2021 are going to be a direct reaction to the needs created in 2020. Some of these home transformations are happening because people need to create a place to work within their homes. Other changes are borne out of the necessity for private, comfortable housing for those who are suddenly sharing new spaces. One thing is clear:  2021 will be a year to remember in the remodeling industry, and Blue Springs Siding and Windows is right beside you to take it on.  

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